The Olo approach

A healthy future begins in the first 1000 days of life! Fondation Olo targets the period from pregnancy to the child’s second birthday, so babies can be born healthy and so families can adopt healthy eating habits.


Act early

To foster the adoption of healthy eating habits


These habits in young children one bite at a time


Parents to act



The 3 behaviours central to our approach:

Eating well

Eating a variety of nutritious foods in sufficient quantities to meet one’s needs.

  • Having a balanced diet from the points of view of quantity and quality;
  • Eating a variety of foods;
  • Respecting our body’s hunger and fullness cues.
Fondation Olo | Bien manger



Preparing a meal from basic ingredients.

  • Preparing meals and snacks from fresh, frozen or canned basic ingredients (while limiting ready-to-eat foods);
  • Teaching children from a very young age to observe, handle and prepare food;
  • Optimizing the food budget and available food by planning meals based on reduced-price foods and leftovers or surpluses.


Family mealtimes

Sharing some pleasant time during which family members gather together in a space dedicated to eating a meal and act as role models for the children.

  • Adopting a consistent mealtime schedule;
  • Making mealtimes a special time for positive interactions between family members, without conflict, pressure or distractions (TV, cellphones, toys or other);
  • Acting as a nutritional role model (eating the same foods as the child);
  • Choosing an appropriate place to eat.
Fondation Olo | Manger en famille


Focusing on these 3 behaviours early on in children’s lives will improve their emotional, physical, motor, social, moral, cognitive and linguistic development, while lessening the impact of food insecurity.