Our Impacts

Since 1991, Fondation Olo has helped over 250,000 babies be born healthy. Every year, we help 5,000 new pregnant women in need across Quebec.


Research has identified several positive impacts on children who have benefitted from Olo’s follow-up care:

Fondation Olo | Impacts positifs de l'approche Olo


Results starting in pregnancy

  • Access to healthy foods and vitamins
  • Development of trust-based relationships between parents and Olo workers
  • Easier access to healthcare and community resources
  • Better eating habits
  • Improved nutritional education
  • Families who feel listened to, encouraged and equipped


Observable results at time of birth

  • Fewer babies with a low birth weight
  • Reduction in developmental delays
  • Less postpartum anemia
  • More breastfeeding
  • Less postpartum depression


Many long-term benefits

  • Stronger parenting skills
  • Better eating habits
  • Improved parent-child attachment
  • Enhanced child development at all levels
  • Reductions in obesity and chronic illness
  • Better chances of succeeding at school


The approach used by Fondation Olo has stood the test of time. Research has shown its usefulness and effectiveness. Take a look at our Olo Babies page to see a few of the babies we helped come into this world healthy.