The Olo foods

A daily egg, 500 ml of milk (2 glasses or 2 x 250 ml) and prenatal multivitamin supplement, plus a weekly bag of frozen vegetables: together, they contribute to the sound development of an unborn child and encourage families to eat more vegetables, more often.


But the Olo approach is about more than just food: above all, it offers individual support, which is provided by an Olo worker (often a nutritionist or nurse).

Thanks to Olo’s follow-up care, families and expectant mothers:

  • Gain knowledge about nutrition and children’s needs
  • Learn about the resources available in their community
  • Receive a toolkit
  • Begin parenting with more confidence


The evolution of our food trio


Since October 23, 2019, the women benefiting from Olo’s follow-up care can now receive vouchers to exchange against bags of Arctic Gardens brand frozen vegetables, thanks to a partnership with the company Bonduelle.


The three Olo foods had basically remained the same since the Fondation was created in 1991: eggs, milk and orange juice. But with advances in nutrition knowledge, certain observations led to the replacement of orange juice by vegetables. For instance, there is concern about free (or added) sugar consumption, which often exceeds public health recommendations. The new Canada’s Food Guide (2019) recommends limiting juice consumption and eating more vegetables and fruits. In addition, the profile of the families receiving Olo follow-up care has changed, showing higher rates of gestational diabetes, more obesity and excess weight in women of childbearing age. This trend is more significant for women also living with a low income.


These are some of the reasons that prompted Fondation Olo to offer food that has a new “purpose,” namely, to encourage families to eat more vegetables, more often!

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Every year, over 500,000 food vouchers are distributed to families getting Olo’s follow-up care. This is made possible by the 450 Olo practitioners working throughout the province and thanks to the collaboration of our valued partners: