Ordering the Discovery Kit

Fondation Olo offers a Discovery Kit to community organizations. It will allow you to quickly get familiar with the messages and tools on healthy eating that are available to you. The Kit includes about 15 educational and reference tools.

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Reference tools

  • Un dépliant informatif de l’offre aux organisations de la communauté
  • Un guide de référence qui présente les fondements de l’approche 1000 jours pour savourer la vie
  • Des fiches techniques sur les outils éducatifs avec exemples d’utilisation


Educational tools

  • Video clips presenting eating behaviours, cooking techniques and parenting tips, along with a series of short clips on breastfeeding (on USB key)
  • A sample set of 10 simple, quick, nutritious and low-cost recipes (Fondation Olo has developed close to 100 such recipes)
  • A menu planner and grocery list, in a 52-page pad
  • Two posters: Discover a Food!
  • Olo Tool Briefing Sheets and tool: A Balanced Plate for Expectant Mothers and Tiny Tots
  • Tools: Basic Kitchen Tools and Basic Pantry, which present a list of kitchen must-haves
  • Tool: Create the Perfect Snack
  • Olo blog bookmarks (French only)
  • Children’s books: Let’s Have Dinner Together and Look at All These Yummy Foods!
  • Two games: Seek and Find and word cards
  • Two colouring pages


You can order your Discovery Kit now:


You are:


    • Family resource centre
    • Perinatal resource centre
    • Food bank
    • Collective kitchen
    • Birthing centre
    • Breastfeeding organization
    • Perinatal social centre
    • Family medicine group
    • Drop-in childcare centre
    • Library
    • Partner group
    • First nation community or Northern village


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You are:


    • Daycare centre*
    • Coordinating office*
    • After-school program coordinator*
    • Subsidized private daycare*
    • Non-subsidized private daycare*
    • Primary school
    • Secondary school
    • CEGEP or university
    • Nutritionist in private practice
    • Doula
    • Other


Fondation Olo | Organisations de la communauté | Commandez votre Trousse Découverte




*The tools in the Kit were designed for work with families (including the parents). We are currently working on content that is better suited to daycare environments, including through a partnership with the AQCPE. The Kit is still available for daycare centres wanting to buy one, until the more specifically tailored package is developed.


Enjoy your Discovery Kit!