I’m a merchant

Every year, you, the merchants, make it possible for Olo follow-up care to provide thousands of expectant mothers in low-income circumstances and their families free foods that are essential during the first 1,000 days, from pregnancy to the child’s two years. 

These foods are made available to them through vouchers that are redeemable in grocery, convenience, drug and department stores.

Half a million vouchers are used every year thanks to your cooperation!

Fondation Olo invites you to join some 2,500 Quebec merchants who redeem Olo vouchers and to advise your staff to accept them, by distributing or attaching the information on the back of this page.

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Cheat sheet

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Eligible foods

Seven foods are offered for free under the Olo follow-up care: eggs, milk and frozen vegetables.

Only the products, brands and formats indicated on the vouchers are eligible.

  1. EGGS: One dozen white eggs, size large (product of Quebec or Canada)
  2. MILK: One 4−litre size of Québon or Nutrinor milk, 3.25 % or 2 % ; or one 2−litre size of Natrel lactose-free milk *If Québon milk is not available, the retailer is authorized to supply an equivalent Natrel® product.
  3. FROZEN VEGETABLES: One bag of Arctic Gardens frozen vegetables between 450 g and 750 g.
  4. Frozen puree for babies: Box of 6 cups of Mother Hen frozen puree beef, pork and chicken flavours
  5. Oat blend for babies: One 180g bag of Belov oat blend, all flavours are accepted
  6. TOFU: One standard or marinated block of Unisoya tofu, between 300g and 454g
  7. BREAD: One loaf of bread Boulangerie St-Méthode all types of bread excluding organic types

What is the Olo approach?

Fondation Olo takes action early on in children’s lives to give them an equal chance of being born and growing up healthy, despite the difficult life conditions they are born into. We take two types of action to counter the negative impacts on children’s health:

  1. We help pregnant women and their families in need to eat well during the first 1,000 days, from pregnancy to the child’s two years. In concert with professionals in the field, we provide personalized follow-up care and direct assistance by providing food vouchers for Olo foods as well as prenatal vitamins.
  2. We coach parents to promote healthy eating habits early on in their child’s life. We encourage families to adopt 3 behaviours: eating well (eating a variety of quality foods), cooking (using basic ingredients) and family mealtimes (in a way that creates a positive experience for the child).

In any given year, Fondation Olo helps 7,000 new pregnant women in need across Quebec. In the past 30 years, more than 250,000 babies have come into the world healthier and stronger thanks to Olo. Learn more about the Olo approach. 

Reimbursement from Redemco

Redemco is a Canadian company that manages rebate and cash refund programs. It provides reimbursements to retailers for most coupons and rebates. This way, Olo vouchers can be sent in and reimbursed at the same time as the other coupons handled by your store(s). Redemco’s contact information is given on the back of every voucher.

* Some vouchers with the Olo name are produced by CISSS or CIUSSS members of Fondation Olo to offer different or complementary products. These coupons have a different look and don’t have a barcode. Follow the instructions on the vouchers to get your reimbursement.


Contact Beatriz Rivera Oropeza, Administrative Management Coordinator, at [email protected]. or 1 888 656−6372, ext. 207