What is Olo’s follow-up care like?

Once admitted to the program, mothers can expect to receive individual support that’s tailored to their family’s needs. The approach we use is one of guidance that’s respectful of the family’s motivations and of the pace at which they are interested in adopting certain behaviours.

Support for mothers and families is offered by an Olo worker. Workers are most often women and mainly nutritionists, nurses or social workers. Fondation OLO | Pourquoi OLO : oeuf, lait, orange
Fondation OLO | L’intervention OLO débute par une évaluation nutritionnelle Olo follow-up care begins with a nutritional assessment to identify women who have special risks aside from food insecurity (ex. gestational diabetes).
Following sessions include education about the link between the mother’s diet and the baby’s health and about healthy eating habits. During these sessions, mothers are also given Olo food vouchers and prenatal multivitamins. Fondation OLO | Oeufs - lait - jus d'orange - vitamines prénatales
Illustration femme enceinte Olo vouchers are provided for a period of up to 28 weeks, for women who deliver at full term (40 weeks).
Families may receive a toolkit developed by Fondation Olo to promote healthy eating. Fondation OLO | La trousse d'outils pour les parents | Assiette pour enfant
Fondation OLO | Bien manger, cuisiner, manger en famille Support may continue after the baby is born, to continue learning healthy eating habits.
Follow-up care sessions are generally held every 2 or 4 weeks. Fondation OLO | Les rencontres ont lieu généralement aux 2 ou 4 semaines.
Fondation OLO | Coupons OLO d'oeufs, lait et jus d'orange Olo vouchers are redeemable in most Quebec stores that sell Olo foods (grocery, convenience and drug stores). To learn more, read the Olo vouchers: “How do they work?” section.


Can you mail me the vouchers?

No. Food vouchers are only given during Olo.s follow-up care sessions. The positive impact of Olo intervention is based on both the foods distributed and the needs-based nutritional support provided to expectant mothers.


Can I get vouchers after giving birth?

Fondation Olo’s recommendation is that vouchers be given during pregnancy, because the benefits of Olo program are proven for that period.


Olo: Much more than vouchers

Fondation Olo offers more than food vouchers. Its goal is to empower parents to take action on their child’s eating behaviours, thanks to educational tools and professional advice. We believe in the importance of early action in children’s lives, to offer them better chances of success in the future.