Community organizations

Fondation Olo and community organizations: Working together to help families build healthy eating habits

We offer you resources and tools to enrich your activities on nutrition, to encourage young children and their families to adopt better eating habits.


Who is this for?

All Quebec organizations working with families:

  • Family resource centres
  • Perinatal resource centres
  • Collective kitchens
  • Birthing centres
  • Educational and drop-in childcare centres
  • Breastfeeding organizations
  • Community centres and libraries
  • Food banks
  • Other organizations working in the area of nutrition with families and with children in their first 1000 days (pregnancy to age 2)


Since you work closely with families and have trusting relationships with them, you are the ideal people to help parents and children learn better eating habits, one step at a time.

Fondation Olo can support you in your work, thanks to tools and resources that revolve around 3 simple behaviours to develop: eating well, cooking and having family meals as a family. Our goal is to make you more comfortable and confident when answering parents’ questions about feeding their babies, when guiding them in their parenting role, and when providing tools, resources and tips.



Why collaborate with Fondation Olo?

  • To contribute to improving eating habits in all families across Quebec
  • To enhance your knowledge and actions, so you can better support your families
  • To be part of a network of professionals, practitioners and community workers who are pursuing the same goals
  • To support the initiatives on healthy eating (or food security) that you coordinate with your partners, and particularly with the health and social services network



How to collaborate?

Fondation Olo | Organisations de la communauté | Les Découvreuses


Want to learn more about good nutrition and the importance of early action in acquiring healthy eating habits? Want to try out our educational tools? Get on the path to discovery!

What we offer

  • A Discovery Kit with educational tools you can explore during your activities with families.

How to get involved?

  • Try out the Discovery Kit and share your comments and experiences.
  • Get inspiration from our website and our dedicated tools for community organizations.
  • Ask us to come introduce the support we offer and our educational tools.


Fondation Olo | Organisations de la communauté | Les Engagées


Want to do more nutrition-based activities with families? Want support to carry them out while furthering your knowledge? Get involved in the cause!

What we offer

  • Turnkey activity sheets and a selection of complementary tools
  • Support for your knowledge development, according to your expertise and needs (community of practice, online clips, webinars, etc.)
  • Special access to Fondation Olo’s human resources, particularly in the area of nutrition

How to get involved?

  • Share your participants’ achievements and examples of their success.
  • Participate in the sharing and learning community with Fondation Olo and other Allies.


Espace Engagée

Fondation Olo | Organisations de la communauté | Les Leaders


Want to be an ambassador of healthy eating for families? And why not inspire other organizations in your community to rally behind this great cause? Be a leader!

What we offer

  • Personal coaching from Fondation Olo to support:
    • your initiatives relating to family nutrition
    • your networking and knowledge-sharing activities in various environments (health and social services network; community network)
  • Other custom resources

How to get involved?

  • Initiate or contribute to networking and knowledge-sharing activities in your region to introduce other organizations to our educational component.
  • Work with Fondation Olo to build a more specific offer for your community or region.