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“About Fondation Olo”

This short paragraph summarizes our area of action and our impact:

Fondation Olo’s mission is to ensure all babies have a healthy start in life. Working hand in hand with healthcare professionals, social service providers and community organizations, we support families in need to ensure babies are born healthy and to promote the development of sound eating habits in early childhood. Olo workers offer customized support that includes providing food to pregnant women as well as guidance and educational tools to parents to empower them to establish life-long healthy eating behaviours in their children. Over the last 28 years, Fondation Olo has helped 250,000 Quebec babies have a healthy start to life.


Information sheet: “The Olo solution: Early action, from pregnancy to family meals”

This information sheet explains the reason for Fondation Olo’s action in Quebec as well as its approach with families and its impact.


Press releases


Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc and Pierre-François Legendre have been the spokespersons for Fondation Olo since 2014.

Media requests

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Émilie Russo
Development and Communications Director
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