Logos and graphic standards

Fondation Olo reserves the right to grant the use of its logo with prior approval. Please contact us before using our logo:

Catherine Caisse
Digital Communications Advisor
[email protected]

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Fondation Olo | Logo - Des bébés en santé

The logo is made up of three graphic elements:

  • The symbol of the radiant egg
  • The name: “Fondation Olo”
  • The signature


Radiant egg

At first glance, the oval with five radiating lines naturally brings to mind an egg, which is part of the food trio (eggs, milk and orange juice) provided by Fondation Olo in its nutritional interventions. Symbolically, the ovoid shape is also reminiscent of a pregnant woman’s belly, and thus alludes to pregnancy. The five lines surrounding the “belly” strengthen the symbolism of a new life about to emerge, and they add an element of freshness or vulnerability, which triggers our instincts of protection and care. This image can also call to mind the sun, a symbol of light and warmth.


The name, “Fondation Olo”

The charitable organization Fondation Olo is incorporated under the name Olo. “Olo” are the French initials for “œuf, lait, orange,” meaning eggs, milk and oranges.

The acronym “Olo” is often used informally to refer to Fondation Olo. However, since Olo designates a broader concept than the Fondation, it is recommended that the full name be used to talk about the charitable organization. Here are a few examples of contexts in which the acronym Olo is used to talk about something other than the Fondation: the Olo approach, the Olo program, an Olo practitioner, an Olo baby, Olo coupons, etc.


Signature “Des bébés en santé”

In its signature, Fondation Olo has chosen to highlight the fact that it helps babies. This differentiates it from other organizations that assist children, albeit not specifically during the pre- and perinatal periods. In addition, the word “santé” (health) here refers not only to physical health but also mental, cognitive and social health.

For many years, Fondation Olo’s signature was “pour naître en santé”: this reflected Olo’s mission and sphere of action, which was essentially to reduce the number of low-birth-weight babies. Today, Fondation Olo is broadening its reach by also emphasizing the acquisition of healthy eating habits from pregnancy to the child’s second year of life. Its mission therefore extends beyond pregnancy.