Indigenous communities or organizations

Do you work in a First Nation community, Northern village or Indigenous organization? Fondation Olo wants to offer you tools and resources that correspond to your needs and realities.

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In order to meet the specific needs of varied nations, a development committee will become active as of January 2021. Its mandate is to co-develop Fondation Olo’s offer to Indigenous First Nations members and communities : for healthy babies and healthy family eating habits!

Two First Nations Indigenous communities are already Fondation Olo members and several others have expressed their interest in recent years.

If you would like to learn about the steps we are taking toward collaboration with First Nation and Inuit communities or if you are interested in participating in the commitee, contact us:

Caroline St-Louis
[email protected]


While waiting for the specific offering geared to Indigenous communities and organizations, you still have access to the following tools, free of charge:

  • The Discovery Kit contains some 15 reference documents for practitioners, as well as fun, educational tools for families on the topic of healthy eating.
  • Espace E is an exclusive sharing and learning community for organizations wanting to learn more about healthy eating for families or to develop activities on that topic (available in french only).
  • The Community of Practice gives Olo practitioners, nutritionists and other professionals access to continuing education and involvement in a great online community, for sharing and discussions on providing support in the area of nutrition.
  • The Olo blog, which offers tools and relevant content for parents and their little ones.


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