Indigenous communities and organizations

Do you work in or collaborate with a First Nation or Inuit communuity, or Indigenous organization? Fondation Olo is currently developing tools and resources related to nutrition and healthy eating habits during the perinatal period (pregnancy and the first two years of the child’s life) that are adapted to your needs and realities.



Fondation Olo is currently developing an offer that is adapted and culturally appropriate for Indigenous peoples in Quebec with the collaboration of several key actors in the field.

If you would like to learn more about our collaboration with First Nations and Inuit communities or if you are interested in participating in the committee, contact :

Maude Bradette-Laplante
Project Manager – Collaboration with Indigenous Communities
[email protected]
514 849-3656 # 212


While the specific offering geared to Indigenous communities and organizations is being developed, you still have access to the following tools, free of charge:

  • The Discovery Kit, containing more than a dozen reference documents for practitioners, as well as fun, educational tools for families to encourage healthy eating habits.
  • Espace E, a sharing and learning community exclusively for organizations wanting to learn more or develop activities about healthy eating habits for families (available in French only).
  • The Community of Practice, providing Olo practitioners, nutritionists and health professionals access to continuing education within an active online community that regularly exchanges and shares best practices in providing nutritional support.
  • The Olo blog, containing a multitude of tools and relevant content for parents and their little ones.
  • Our Educational and reference tools that can be downloaded for free.


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