The importance of Early Action

Did you know that nutrition and healthy eating habits during pregnancy and a child’s first two years of life can influence the child’s physical, psychological, social and emotional development?


That’s why early action is so importantFondation OLO | L'importance d'agir tôt

Early childhood is when eating behaviours are learned. We believe every child has the right to healthy eating. This includes both what’s on children’s plates and the atmosphere during meals. The impacts of poor nutrition are toxic to babies’ health (developmental delays, childhood obesity, anemia, diabetes and other chronic illnesses later in life).

Children who eat alone are deprived of conversation, of learning opportunities that help develop language and social skills, and of a reassuring mealtime routine.

If, on the other hand, children are involved in meal preparation and if meals are eaten in a family setting, children develop their curiosity about food, broaden their tastes, and boost their self-esteem, confidence and autonomy. When children are curious and open-minded, mealtimes are more pleasant.


Childhood is the time to discover flavours and to develop healthy eating habits for life.