I give to Fondation Olo because…


Fondation OLO | Je donne à la Fondation OLO parce que …

“Olo’s actions are cost-efficient and they have impact because they target the right population.”
– Catherine Haeck, researcher, UQAM School of Management

Icone Coeur

“Money is a means to an end. And if by giving a little money, I can help a mom and baby feed themselves properly, then count me in! … It comforts me to know I’m supporting women in need and that I’m helping a little. I grew up in a family that had a modest but stable income. I’m grateful for that and I want to pay it forward.”
– Jean-Guy, age 64, a Fondation Olo donor since 2014

Icone Coeur

“I’ve seen for myself how Olo helps. I have a niece who needed their services. I was reassured to know she would get personalized follow-up care and support. It’s important to take care of the next generation.”
– Jocelyne Dancause, member of the Cercle de Fermières in Rivière-du-Loup


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