Olo vouchers: How it Works

Vouchers are used to distribute Olo foods. These Olo vouchers are given directly to expectant mothers as part of the follow-up care provided by support workers.

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During their Olo’s follow-up care sessions, mothers receive a series of vouchers equivalent to the daily food doses:

  • 1 egg per day
  • 500 ml of milk (2 glasses or 2 x 250 ml) per day
  • 1 bag of frozen vegetables per week

They get enough vouchers to meet their needs until their next appointment.

These vouchers are redeemable in grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies in Quebec, where these products are available.* Mothers must give their vouchers to the cashier to get the free products.


These are the foods offered:

  • Milk: Quebon
    • 4 litres of 3.25% m.f. (with some exceptions)
  • Eggs: Dozen white eggs, large size
  • Frozen vegetables: Arctic Gardens
    • Bags of 500 g to 750 g (with some exceptions)

*The process described above is the one used most frequently. However different regions may have different ways of distributing Olo foods.


The life cycle of Olo vouchers

There are 5 main points of contact involved in distributing and redeeming Olo food vouchers.

  1. The Olo worker orders vouchers from Fondation Olo.
  2. The Olo worker gives the vouchers to the expectant mother during her follow-up care session.
  3. The expectant mother goes to the store (grocery, convenience, drug store, etc.). When it’s time to pay, she presents the coupons to the cashier in exchange for the previously identified foods.
  4. The retailer submits the coupons to the Redemco company (specialized in coupon redemption) for reimbursement.
  5. Redemco bills Fondation Olo for all coupons redeemed.
Fondation OLO | The life cycle of OLO vouchers