Why Olo?

Taken every day, one egg, one litre of milk, one glass of orange juice and a prenatal supplement of vitamins and minerals are enough to meet a significant part of the daily needs for protein, calcium and vitamins C and D that are essential to the health of the unborn child.

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Direct experience and a number of studies show that these foods, which are easy to find and easy to include into women’s diets, are the basis of an efficient intervention that achieves results.


Every year, an average of 1,000,000 daily doses of prenatal multivitamins and about
600,000 food vouchers are distributed:

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100,000 egg

(or 1,200,000 eggs)

350,000 Quebon milk

(or 5,600,000 x 250 ml
glasses of milk)

165,000 Oasis orange juice

(or 1,155,000 x 125 ml
glasses of juice)

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Beyond food, Olo approach is first and foremost individual support provided by an Olo worker (often a nutritionist or nurse).


Thanks to Olo’s follow-up care, families and expectant mothers:

•  Gain knowledge about nutrition and children’s needs
•  Learn about the resources available in their community
•  Receive a toolkit
•  Begin parenting with more confidence