Olo practitioners

Since 1991, Fondation Olo has been working toward its mission of helping low-income families bring healthy babies into the world and introduce healthy eating habits early on in life. It could not do this without the partnership of practitioners working in healthcare and in social and community services.


Here are some of the positive impacts these partnerships have had over the last 30 years:

  • Contributing to the birth of healthy babies
  • Creating trusting relationships between clients and practitioners
  • Improving knowledge and practices about the perinatal period


There are over 450 Olo practitioners across Quebec working with dedication to help families prepare for parenthood despite their financially precarious situation. Thanks to these workers, thousands of Olo follow-up care meetings (individual or in groups) are offered every year, either at home or at over 150 CLSCs and other service delivery points.

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One mother’s testimonial

“I quickly developed a good relationship with my practitioner. When I saw her, I felt that she trusted me and I felt competent. Rather than telling me what to do, she gave me tools and resources, and showed me a range of possibilities. She passed along skills that allowed me to make good choices of my own.”

– Françoise