Reference tools

Fondation Olo gives its members access to reference documents and tools to help them support families with the Olo approach.

All the documents below are in PDF format. To view them, your computer must have the Adobe Reader© software, which is available free of charge. Some files are quite large, so we recommend that you download them onto your computer before viewing or printing them.


Nouveau Cadre de référence « Le suivi Olo dans les 1 000 premiers jours de vie »

Olo Foods

Each food plays a specific role in baby's development. The daily portions and the reasoning behind them are presented using simple illustrations.

Number of pages: 2

Latest update:
September 2022


View online version:
French | English

Spanish | Arabic


Découvrir le monde et ses diverses saveurs
(in French only)

Reference document to guide interventions with new arrivals. It presents dietary facts on 44 countries grouped into 11 regions.

Number of pages: 212

Latest update:
December 2017


Promotional poster

Poster to raise awareness that the Olo follow-up is available at the CLSC. Includes blank space to add information. Available in French or bilingual versions. Size: 18" x 24"

Number of pages: 1

Latest update:
June 2020