Community of Practice

The online Community of Practice is for the professionals who implement the Olo approach within our member establishments. It is moderated by Fondation Olo nutritionists.


What are the goals of the Community of Practice?

  • Facilitate the sharing of information, resources, experience and knowledge acquired while applying the Olo approach, in order to facilitate its implementation
  • Support the development, pooling and valuing of knowledge about perinatal nutrition and on providing support to parents so they can develop healthy eating habits
  • Create a space for two-way communication between Fondation Olo and its members, to ensure that we are continuously able to adjust our offering to the realities in the field
  • Increase the number and quality of links between peers in Quebec’s health and social services field who are involved in implementing the Olo approach in their organization


How do I access the Community of Practice?

Do you already have access? Click here to go to the Community of Practice platform.

To request access, please fill out this form. Note that processing may take up to 2 business days.


What are the benefits of joining the Community of Practice?

  • Take part in an active virtual community that already includes over 300 practitioners
  • Hone your knowledge on perinatal nutrition, for instance through webinars on topics you’re interested in, and by learning and discussing your experiences with professionals who face the same realities as you
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest news from Fondation Olo through the exclusive newsletter, infOlo
  • Have the opportunity to get together once a year at the annual meeting of Community of Practice members.