Routine and Mealtimes

A regular mealtime routine and a positive atmosphere at the dinner table are essential elements of eating together as a family. In addition to being a pleasant experience, family mealtime becomes an important family value when the environment and routine are enjoyable.


What are the advantages of eating together as a family? There are many!

A regular mealtime routine helps establish a reassuring environment that provides structure and fosters your baby’s language and cognitive development related to food. And a pleasant mealtime environment and routine will help her develop healthy eating habits.

Sharing a meal with your loved ones provides an opportunity to spend some quality time together and strengthen your family bonds. Mealtime is not just about satisfying hunger. It’s also a time to slow down and encourage positive discussions.

What can I do to help establish a pleasant and reassuring mealtime routine and environment?

  • Eat at set times.
  • Choose and stick to an appropriate place for sharing a meal
  • Engage in positive discussions over meals.
  • Set aside at least 15 to minutes exclusively for sharing a meal.
  • Turn the television off so that everyone at the table can better recognize their hunger and fullness signals.

Family mealtime is an act of love with many, many benefits! As you learn more about the importance of establishing a pleasant and reassuring family mealtime routine and environment, your dinner table will become a happy and relaxed place for all, big and small.