Parents as Role Models

Did you know that by establishing a pleasant family mealtime routine and environment, you are already a role model your baby can look up to?

You’re wondering how to go about becoming a positive role model for your baby when it comes to food? By setting an example, you are already teaching your baby life-long healthy eating habits!1E2C9501

  • Eat with your baby so he can see that you are both eating the same foods, and follow a regular mealtime schedule.
  • Do not pressure your baby to eat more; he’s in the best position to know when he’s full.
  • Listen for and respect your own hunger and fullness signals.
  • Have a positive attitude at the dinner table and encourage discussions by asking questions; this will help strengthen family bonds.
  • Eliminate any distractions and turn the television off.
  • Get your baby involved in cooking with you and encourage him at a very young age to explore handling and preparing foods.

Being a positive role model for your baby is not only a healthy way to educate your child, it’s also proven to be more effective than pressuring him to adopt specific eating habits. Remember that babies are born with the ability to listen for and respect their hunger and fullness signals.