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21 May 2018

Examples of a balanced breakfast

After going the night without eating, your energy stores are at their lowest. You have to fuel up to get your body and brain working. Breakfast is the meal that starts the day off right. 


A balanced and nutritious breakfast includes:

One food from each food group:

  • A protein food

Examples: peanut, soy or nut butter; cheese; hummus; meat cretons; veggie pâté; nuts; yogourt or milk.


  • A grain product

Whole-grain foods are better at keeping you full until the next meal. 

Examples: bread, muffin, bagel, oatmeal, cereal, etc.


  • A fruit or vegetable

Examples: banana, apple, orange, grapes, fruit compote, dried fruit, tomato, asparagus, etc.


You can also serve a glass of water at breakfast to stay hydrated.



Examples of a balanced breakfast

Peanut butter toast

Toast is a traditional breakfast food. It’s practical and always a hit! Spread it with peanut butter and it will hold you over until snack time. Serve with a fruit and a glass of milk for a complete breakfast.  

Here’s how to adapt this breakfast for the food you have on hand.  

  • Choose a whole grain bagel or English muffin instead of bread.
  • Replace the peanut butter with soy butter, cheese or hummus.
  • Vary the fruit! Choose: 
    • whole fruit (ex. banana, apple)
    • puréed fruit (ex. strawberry applesauce)

If you prefer jam on your toast, serve it with yogourt or a glass of milk for your protein food. 



Banana oatmeal


Warm oatmeal is a nutritious breakfast comfort food. There are many options for this breakfast:

  • Increase your protein

Add nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.) or seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, chia, etc.).


  • Vary your toppings

Your choice: banana, apple, pear, peaches, berries, dried fruit, etc.

You can even prepare your oatmeal the night before for a quick cold breakfast. Just mix your oatmeal with yogourt, milk and your choice of fruit. Put it in a sealed container and keep refrigerated all night. Your oatmeal will be ready when you wake up!



Other breakfast ideas

  • A fruit and milk smoothie. For a complete breakfast, add oats to your smoothie or serve it with a piece of toast. 
  • Blueberry pancakes with a glass of milk 
  • French toast with nuts and dried fruit
  • Vegetable omelette with a slice of bread or toast
  • Yogourt with fresh fruit and a muffin

Switch up your food choices to keep your mornings interesting. Have a great breakfast! 




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