Basic Oatmeal


Oatmeal is always good and practical for hurry mornings: 12 minutes and it’s served! Add dried fruits or grated apples instead of sweetening it more.


Fondation OLO | Recette | Gruau


  • 160 ml (2/3 cup) milk
  • 15 ml (1 tbsp) brown sugar
  • 2.5 ml (½ tsp) ground cinnamon
  • 80 ml (1/3 cup) quick-cooking rolled oats


1. In a small pot, heat the milk, brown sugar and cinnamon over medium-high heat until bubbles are just beginning to form. Turn off the heat.

2. Add the rolled oats, stir and cover for about 5 minutes.

Variation: Shake up your oatmeal by adding your choice of fresh, frozen or dried fruit, and nuts or seeds!

Nutritional balance

This recipe provides foods from the following food groups:

  • Grain products
  • Milk and alternatives

Serve with:

  • A fruit
  • Nuts or seeds can also be added for extra protein.