Bonduelle enhances its partnership with Fondation Olo


It will contribute $150,000 to help vulnerable pregnant women


Bonduelle is pleased to announce that it is renewing its commitment to Fondation Olo for the second consecutive year. Between 2019 and 2021, Bonduelle’s contribution will reach nearly $130,000. Combined with donor support, this significant gift will allow Fondation Olo to give close to 100,000 coupons exchangeable for bags of Arctic Gardens frozen vegetables to pregnant women and families supported by Olo practitioners. In addition to this generous donation of frozen vegetable coupons, Bonduelle is contributing close to $20,000 to Fondation Olo’s emergency fundraising campaign to alleviate the direct impact the pandemic has on thousands of pregnant Quebec women in financial difficulty.


For Christian Malenfant, Bonduelle’s Vice-President of Marketing, this partnership is how the company can concretely be a dynamic player in food and health change. “As a food manufacturer, we believe it’s our duty to help expectant moms and young families eat healthy while helping to improve eating habits. Our commitment to Fondation Olo is a tangible way to get kids to enjoy veggies when they’re young.”


Fondation Olo encourages pregnant women and families to eat well, cook and eat as a family. Its efforts are based on the belief that nutrition and healthy eating habits during pregnancy and the first two years of a child’s life have a direct influence on the child’s development, physical and psychological, social and emotional.


According to Fondation Olo’s Executive Director Élise Boyer, it is important to make healthy food accessible to vulnerable families, particularly during the pandemic which has made its clientele’s more vulnerable. “The commitment of our benefactor-partner Bonduelle goes hand in hand with our efforts to help pregnant women and families learn to cook basic food. The goal is twofold: to give them the best chance of giving birth to healthy babies and to be a model of healthy eating habits for the growing babies.”


Fondation Olo points out that close to 5,000 women currently need its services and follow-ups. Requests are also increasing because of COVID-19, which led to establishing the special emergency fund.

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About Bonduelle

Founded in 1853, Bonduelle is the benchmark for living well through plant-based food. With an emphasis on innovation and long-term vision, the group is continually diversifying its operations and expanding its geographic reach. Well-established in North America, Bonduelle operates 17 plants across Canada and the US, including four in Quebec, where we specialize in ready-to-use, plant-based meal solutions.


In addition to producing major private label and retail brands, Bonduelle also markets its own brands, including Bonduelle, Arctic Gardens, Graves and Del Monte in Canada and Bonduelle, and Ready Pac in the US.