Bébé engagé Videos


The Fondation OLO proudly presents four videos starring parents and their Bébé engagé.

Produced in collaboration with Super Écran, these Bébé engagé videos showcase caring and compassionate people.

View our videos (in French) :

Vidéo Bébé engagé / Marie Plourde and her daughter Lou
“A Bébé engagé – Why not? Offering life to someone expecting life is the greatest of gifts!”Marie Plourde

Vidéo Bébé engagé / Pierre-François Legendre et son fils Eliot
“Bébé engagé is more than simply a donation to the Fondation OLO… It’s more like a shot of solidarity directly into your child’s arm.”Pierre-François Legendre, porte-parole de la Fondation OLO

Vidéo Bébé engagé / Isabelle Charest et Steve Charbonneau
“When Bébé engagé grows up, we can explain that his or her coming into the world helped someone else be born in good health.”  – Isabelle Charest
“It’s important that young mothers know about the Fondation OLO and that the foundation will help those in need.”  – Steve Charbonneau

Vidéo Bébé engagé / Parole aux mamans d’un Bébé engagé
“I decided Edouard would be a Bébé engagé and in doing so help another child. Giving is so important and it can greatly change peoples lives!”  – Cynthia Côté-Giboleau
“It’s our small way of doing our share.” – Julie Papineau