Frying Pan Banana Chocolate Cookie

  • Preparation time: 10 minutes
  • Cooking time: 10 minutes
  • Servings: 12
  • Cost per serving: 35¢
  • Storage: 4 days in the fridge. Can be frozen.
  • Kitchen tools: Small bowl, large bowl, 8-inch frying pan that can go in the oven, measuring cups and spoons, fork, whisk, wooden spoon, small sharp knife, spoon.
  • This original recipe was developed by Extenso—the Université de Montréal reference centre on human nutrition.
Fondation OLO | Recipe | Frying Pan Banana Chocolate Cookie


  • 375 ml (1½ cups) whole-wheat flour
  • 5 ml (1 tsp) baking soda
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 bananas (one mashed, the other sliced)
  • 1 egg
  • 5 ml (1 tsp) vanilla
  • 125 ml (½ cup) non-hydrogenated margarine
  • 125 ml (½ cup) sugar
  • 175 ml (¾ cup) semisweet or dark chocolate chips


1. Place oven rack in the middle position and preheat the oven to 180°C (350°F).

2. In a small bowl, combine the dry ingredients: flour, baking soda and salt. Set aside.

3. In another bowl, combine the mashed banana, egg and vanilla. Set aside.

4. In an 8-inch frying pan that can go in the oven, melt the margarine over medium heat. Remove the frying pan from heat as soon as the margarine has melted, add the sugar and blend with the whisk.

5. Add the banana preparation and mix.

6. the dry ingredient preparation and mix gently until smooth.

7. Add the chocolate chips and the banana slices and mix gently. Spread over the bottom of the frying pan with a spoon.

8. Cook in the oven for about 30 minutes, or until the edges of the cookie are done (soft crunch like a cookie) and the middle is cooked but still soft (like a brownie). Cool a few minutes before cutting into wedges and enjoy warm or cold.