Fondation Olo offers free training for practitioners working in perinatality through the 1000 Days to Savour Life Skills Development Program.


What are the training goals?

  • Help practitioners of varied professional backgrounds acquire knowledge of 1000 Days to Savour Life
  • Strengthen practitioners’ capacity to support vulnerable families in developing healthy eating habits
  • Ensure that the messages passed along by practitioners are consistent


What does it involve?

5 modules lasting one hour each, which can be taken at the participant’s own pace.

  • OverviewFondation OLO | Intervenantes | Formations en ligne
  • Module 1: Pregnancy
  • Module 2: Birth to 6 months
  • Module 3: 6 to 12 months
  • Module 4: 12 months and over


The training is recognized by 4 professional bodies:

  • OPDQ: The Quebec professional order of dieticians
  • OIIQ: The Quebec order of nurses
  • OTSTCFQ: The Quebec order of social workers and couple and family therapists
  • OPPQ: The Quebec order of psychoeducators

For more information about the content of the training, you can view the detailed syllabus (in French only).


Who is this training for?

All health professionals working in the area of perinatality (pregnancy to 0–2 years) and more specifically Olo and SIPPE practitioners.


What are the benefits?

  • Interactive training promoting the coordination of intervention approaches used by practitioners working in perinatality
  • Case studies to guide the support given to parents on eating behaviours that promote health
  • Training is done from the comfort of your home or office
  • Free
  • Participation certificate sent after each module is completed


How do I access the training?

To get access to the training program, you must first request an account using this form. When you receive your online access codes, go to to start your training. Note that requests for access codes are processed once a week. So, you may receive them up to 5 business days after your request.

The training is designed for individual learning. However, if you want to discuss it as a team to set up conditions fostering the transfer of the material learned into practice, please see the facilitation tool (in French only).