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The goal of Olo’s nutritional intervention is to minimize the impacts of poverty and food insecurity during pregnancy, since these have damaging consequences on the unborn child’s health and development.

An expectant mother who is unable to meet her own nutritional needs, in terms of quantity or quality, runs a higher risk of giving birth to an underweight baby. Being born with a low birth weight puts babies at risk of developing neonatal health problems or chronic illnesses, or to experience problems with their motor or cognitive skills. A low birth weight is also associated with low levels of schooling, trouble remaining on the job market and a high lifelong use of healthcare services.

Olo’s nutritional action has been proven effective and fills needs that must be met in a timely manner during pregnancy so that the unborn child can benefit from the major nutrients needed to develop and be born healthy.



Olo’s 7 recommendations

  1. Olo’s nutritional intervention should be offered to all pregnant women living below the low income threshold for families established by Statistics Canada.
  2. The intervention should start as soon as possible, that is, as soon as the pregnant woman contacts the establishment to request it.
  3. The intervention should be offered to women until they give birth. Afterwards, the 1000 Days to Savour Life tools should be given to families to help them develop healthy eating habits for the baby and the whole family.
  4. The Olo nutritional intervention should include at least one monthly meeting with the expectant mother throughout pregnancy.
  5. Interventions should consist of one-on-one meetings, which can be rounded out with group meetings for women.
  6. The intervention should favour a supportive approach during the meetings with expectant mothers and their family, to empower them and facilitate behavioural changes.
  7. The Olo nutritional intervention should offer pregnant woman the Olo foods along with prenatal vitamins and minerals in the following daily quantities:

To learn more, see the Cadre de référence de l’intervention nutritionnelle Olo published in November 2019 (available in French only).



1000 Days to Savour LifeFondation OLO | Outils d'intervention pour les familles

The goal of 1000 Days to Savour Life is to help families, more specifically those living below the low income threshold, to develop healthy eating habits from pregnancy to the child’s second year of life.

To reach this goal, 3 eating behaviours considered particularly important are targeted: eating well, cooking, and eating as a family. Focusing on these 3 behaviours early on in children’s lives will improve children’s emotional, physical, motor, social, moral, cognitive and linguistic development by lessening the impact of food insecurity.

Tools for families have also been developed to underpin Olo’s action and to foster healthy eating habits early on in life.


To learn more, see the Cadre de référence de 1000 jours pour savourer la vie published in July 2020 (available in French only).



Major allies for tiny tots

Our heartfelt thanks to Québec en forme and Avenir d’enfants for their support and financing that made it possible to deploy the 1000 Days to Savour Life approach.