How it Works


OLO foods are provided through a voucher system. These vouchers are handed directly to expectant mothers during follow-up care appointments with a health care practitioner.

Vouchers can be redeemed at grocery and corner stores, and in drug stores across Québec for the following products:

  • Milk: Québon
    • 4 L, 3.25% M.F. (or a replacement, if not available)
    • 4 L, 2% M.F.
  • Lactose Free Milk: Natrel
    • 2 L, 3.25% M.F.
    • 1 L, 2% M.F.
  • Orange juice: Oasis Classic – 960 ml
  • Eggs: dozen large white eggs

The above describes how the program works for the most part. However, from one region to another, OLO foods may be distributed differently. For example, some mothers are fortunate to have their milk delivered to their home by a milkman or woman.

During follow-up appointments at their local community service centre (CLSC) or during community activities, parents who receive OLO foods can also receive practical tools to help them develop healthy eating habits, such as:

  • A brochure that features inexpensive, tasty and easy to prepare recipes
  • A notepad to help plan menus and make grocery lists

How can I get these tools if I’m not receiving OLO foods?

Some tools can be downloaded for free:

You are a Retailer and you want to learn more about vouchers, download our Retailers memorandum.