Why OLO?

The OLO approach gets its name from the French:

1E2C0176O – œuf (egg)

L – lait (milk)

O – orange (orange)

Many studies have shown and experience has confirmed that when these simple and accessible foods are incorporated into a woman’s diet, they are nutritionally effective and lead to positive results. The Higgins nutritional method that inspired the OLO program has proven its efficiency in reducing the number of low birth weight babies by 50%.

An egg, a litre of milk, and a glass of orange juice every day provide most of the daily needs for protein, calcium, and vitamins C and D –vital nutrients to an unborn baby’s health. The Fondation OLO also provides vitamin and mineral supplements.

The OLO programme usually provides these foods and supplements during the last 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Above and beyond food, the OLO approach also provides individual support, usually with a nutritionist or nurse. Thanks to this follow-up care, expectant mothers learn about nutrition and their baby’s needs, discover their local resources, and can confidently take on their new parental role.

Every year, the Fondation OLO provides:

  • Over 362 000 milk vouchers
  • Over 172 000 orange juice vouchers
  • Over 106 000 egg vouchers

… Which represents about:

  • 1 448 000 litres of milk
  • 1 205 000 glasses of orange juice
  • 1 272 000 eggs