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Healthy eating habits during pregnancy and early childhood have a positive impact on children’s cognitive, physical, psychosocial, and behavioural development.

This is why it is important to give our children a head start!

The Fondation OLO helps families living in economically difficult circumstances

grossesse (414x640)-rogneFrom pregnancy…

The foundation helps expectant mothers living below the poverty line improve their diets by providing them each day with 1 L of milk, an egg, and a glass of orange juice, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements. These are distributed through the individual support services offered by most local community service centres (CLSCs), by nutritionists and nurses.

This personalized follow-up care combined with OLO foods helps to achieve the results we strive for: a healthy baby with an adequate birth weight and a new mom confidently taking on her new parental role.

… until the child reaches two years of age

Before and after the child’s birth, hand in hand with health care practitioners and community organizations, the Fondation OLO helps parents develop the skills to establish life-long healthy eating habits among all family members.

12mois (414x640)_rogne2The Fondation OLO provides parents with items and resources that are adapted to their reality.*

Individual support focuses on three behaviours

  • Eating well (a variety of quality foods)
  • Cooking (with basic ingredients)
  • Eating together as a family (in a context that creates a positive environment for the child)