Bedaine citoyenne


You are an expectant mother…

  • And a caring woman of action
  • You want to show your solidarity with other mothers-to-be, and maybe even inspire a few others to join the cause
  • You’ve got style and you wear your baby bump with elegance and pride
  • You’ve got spunk and you’re not afraid to show your beliefs

… Become a Bedaine citoyenne by making a donation to the Fondation OLO.

A wonderful way to convey your values to your family and friends, as well as to your unborn baby.

And an original keepsake to add to baby’s photo album or to your own pregnancy album!


How your donation works

For every Bedaine citoyenne donation, the donor receives…

  • A personalized Bedaine citoyenne certificate

Minimum donation: $25

You can also choose to add the following:

You are a Bedaine citoyenne and would like to send us a picture? Contact us at