Priority Projects

1E2C0176The major fundraising campaign “Nourrissons l’avenir du cordon à la cuillère” (Nurturing the future, from the umbilical cord to the spoon) aims to support the following projects:

  • Pursuing the main objective of OLO during the prenatal period by providing expectant mothers with an egg, 1 L of whole milk, a glass of orange juice, and vitamin and mineral supplements every day. These are delivered through the individual support services offered by CLSCs.
  • Improving access to the program in communities where poverty is very high.
  • 1000 Days to Savour Life:
    • Foster recognition of the importance of the family meal, of parents as primary role models and of parenting skills, which are at the root of maintaining healthy eating habits (eating well, cooking, family mealtime).
    • Provide parents with items and resources that are adapted to their reality.
    • Support the health care practitioners working with these parents by sharing best practices.