The Fondation OLO is honoured to have Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc and Pierre-François Legendre as spokespersons. Both are young parents and believe wholeheartedly in a cause they hold dear: bringing healthy babies into the world.




Dévoilement du montant recueilli à l'occasion du Dîner OLO 2015.
Our Spokepersons during the Dîner OLO 2015
photo officielle (800x530)
Launch of 1000 Days to Savour Life.  Our spokepersons with Mr. Guy Barthell (RCGT and Chair of the Board), Mrs. Julie Meloche (Avenir d’enfants), Mrs. Élise Boyer (Fondation OLO).
CME-5 juin-mod
Visting Centre Marie-Ève with Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc.
PFL- Paquet voleur
Thank you to Pierre-François Legendre who won the jackpot for OLO on the tv show Paquet Voleur.