Mission, Vision and Values

Since 1991, Fondation OLO has been partnering with the practitioners who work with vulnerable families to offer food (eggs, milk and orange juice) and prenatal vitamins, as part of a nutritional education program aimed at reducing the number of low-birth-weight babies.

Today, Fondation OLO provides tools and services to empower parents so they can help their children learn healthy eating habits. Fondation OLO supports action in the field by targeting the period from pregnancy to the child’s second year of life. This focus on early action includes promoting three behaviours: eating well, cooking and having family meals.

Bébé corpo (1024x683)_rogneMission

The Fondation OLO helps children get a good start in life and come into this world in good health through appropriate action and nutritional support


A good start in life for all children


Fairness, prevention, cooperation, respect, thoroughness, empathy