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Although the Fondation OLO was officially established in 1991, the story of its nutritional approach began well before the 1990s.

Back in the 1940s, dietician Agnes C. Higgins developed a nutritional intervention process adapted to the needs of pregnant women living in low-income situations. The Higgins approach combined individual post-partum follow-up by dieticians from the Montreal Diet Dispensary (MDD) with OLO foods (i.e. eggs, milk, orange juice, vitamins and minerals) and quickly proved its worth with participating expectant mothers. Studies published in scientific journals have established a 50% reduction in the number of low birth weight babies.

The OLO program within the Québec CLSC network

When perinatal care practitioners in the Valleyfield region learned about the MDD’s approach in 1982, they came up with the idea for the OLO program, an initiative that would then mobilize several other CLSCs across the province.

The Fondation OLO

In the early 1990s, in order to ensure the OLO program’s long-term viability, the CLSCs joined forces and set up a foundation whose main objective would be to raise the necessary funds to purchase OLO foods. To this day, and as a result of this community mobilization, the Fondation OLO has contributed to the health of over 200 000 babies.